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Tonight: Press-Pause Play Documentary + Party at Armazém do Chá!

Hey there lovely people, just here to remember that tonight is going to be the National Debut of the Documentary Press-Pause-Play (watch trailer here), finishing what looks like an amazing night of inspiring Lectures.

Today’s speaker line-up will begin at 21:30 with Miguel Gonçalves, a revolutionary portuguese creative mind, following by Jean-Michel Verbeek, motion and video-mapping young expert, OODA architecture office will share their tought about sophisticated design philosophy with advanced technology, and journalist/filmmaker Adam Svanell will present the already explained Press-Pause-Play documentary.

Then – don’t forget this resistents – we have another amazing Get Set party at Armazém do Chá! The Official Line-up for tonight is: The Parkisons live concert and  Maze (Dealema / Redbull Music Academy) at the BAR, XMRR (Voxels) and Nuno Lopes (Tha Lovely Bastards) playing at the CLUB and tonight’s speaker Jean-Michel Verbeek will be on charge on the VJing as VJ Konstruktiv. Once again, you can’t miss this!